Eisenhowers views

  • The Military Industrial complex used in the Cold War is a relationship between government, armed forces, and defense industries. The MIC made profits by making and selling arms to the government.Eisenhower first introduced the Military Industrial Complex during his farewell speech in 1961.Eisenhower decided that the MIC was perfect for the Cold War because the United States needed a strong military that could respond to any threats by opposing forces. However, he did not want the MIC to get out of control.Was almost called Military Industrial Congressional Act so Eisenhower could remind people how important to the military
    President Eisenhower says we must protect against the MIC in one of his speeches
    . Eisenhower did not call it this because he didn't want to offend any Congress members.Eisenhower thought that the MIC was necessary because the US was spending more on military supplies than the net income of US corporations.Average citizens were very skeptic about the MIC because they were producing weapons and firearms that are just going to end up killing people.Eisenhower warned that the MIC would negatively influence the US and warned to the people that they should guard against the problems it may bring.He also warned the American people that even though the MIC is necessary, it could very much destroy the things that it is supposed to protect.Eisenhower also thought that the US needs to maintain balance between defense spending and the needs of a healthy economy.

 Significance and Impact of MIC

  • The MIC is still used today with the war in the Middle East that the United States is involved in. It still controls how much the government spends on weapons and other equiptment used in war. Eisenhower and US government balanced the spending on military goods a total of three times during his presidency. The big question was how much is too much? They cannot spend all money on war weapons because that will destroy the US from within. Today, California is the leading state reiceving about 6.6 billion dollars a year from military businesses. Representatives called MIC's usually meet in a fancy place to discuss and gather information. They keep their names and operations private from the public and talk about what the military wants, what is popular, and who the best person to deal with is to make their jobs easier. The MIC is under constant surveillance for reasons of excess government spending which increases inflation,and taking recources away from regular civilans.


440916864_e44fab1577_o.gif MIC Facts

  • In years following 1950, Cold War military and budgets reached about 10% of the total gross national product (GNP).
  • Problems with the MIC were at it's peak in the 1960s and 70's as the Vietnam war controversey was at it's peak.
  • 1969- US Defense Department paid 38.6 billion dollars for goods and services and other 6.5 billion dollars for research and development of the goods they contracted. This took up 5.3% of 1968 GNP.
  • In 1965 when Army Divisions left, business fell by 30%. However, some towns like Greenville, South Carolina and Presque Isle, Maine still used land and facilities that used to be there for military developments for industrial plans and development.
  • The Defense Department spends on average 4 million dollars a year on the armed forces to ensure protection and communication with any organization to ensure the protection of it's people. This employs around 340 people.

The US must be cautious of the MIC


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