The KGB were the Soviets equivalent of the CIA in the US. They were the foreign intelligence office and counterintelligence office. This included protection of places from other spies along with spying in other places. It included gathering intelligence from the enemy and also protecting your intelligence from other spies. It was a very attractive career for many people. It offered a good salary a chance to live abroad and access to foreign money. Many high education graduates that knew one or more foreign languages would get a job. The KGB would not go look for clues about the things that they wanted. They went right toward stealing the document or information right away. This is how the KGB got such a bad reputation. They would go right for the document and kill or kidnap anyone in their way. They had very cruel means of torture and there name is still feared today even though they are no longer called the KGB. The KGB sent many sleeper agents to the US and some are still there. The FBI has said they caught every member of the spy ring however one of the main members is still here today. He is an American scientist known as Percy. He has yet to be identified or caught however the couple that recruited him died in Moscow a couple years ago free. The people who recruited them known as the Krogers were key spies in the atomic spy ring. This ring was responsible for stealing the Americans atomic bomb intelligence. Without it they probably would have taken the expected 8 or so years. The CIA and FBI however failed in keeping the intelligence from them and they built atomic bombs years before expected.

CIA Vs. KGB Deadliest warrior

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external image turd_transmitter.jpg

This is a hominig beacon the KGB would use to give locations back to their base. It was called a turd transmitter because it was disguised as a turd while still being capable of transmitting locations.

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The camera gun was capable of shooting a single .22 caliber bullet. It was very effective in assassinations because it was easily mistaken for a normal camera.

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The Skorpion SMG 61 could shoot 850 rounds per minute. It was a light weight and relatively small to make it easy to carry. It was given to only highly trained soldiers in the Soviet army. The KGB were some of the best soldiers of the army so they were allowed access to it.

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In the shoe of the KGB agents there would be a knife. This is very useful for cutting ropes or anything of that sort when captured or when in a close combat fight could be used lethally with a kick delivered to a vital artery or vein.

external image Dead_Drop_Spike.jpg
The KGB would booby trap the devices the information was carried in, called dead drop spikes, so if it fell into enemy hands it would explode and destroy the information along with the person holding it.

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The KGB agents had many ways to disguise their guns. This ranged from a lipstick holder for the females to gloves for agents posing as gardeners to a pipe for different times.

external image spy_equipment_10.jpg

The KGB also had pistols that shot gas such as this one. The pistol would shoot out cyanide one of the most deadly gasses in the world. Once inhaled you would die in less than 4 seconds.

external image spy_equipment_6.jpgexternal image spy_equipment_7.jpg
The KGB also had everyday items that had a cache in them for storing miscellaneous things such as a chip with information or a pill for suicide if they were captured.

Present Day
The Russia and the US had a spy exchange recently trading 10 KGB sleeper agents for 3 former intelligence officers and a think tank arms expert who had been convicted and sentenced to prison in Russia. Vladimir Putin, a former KGB agent who had worked in East-Germany, welcomed back the spies and joined them in singing "What Motherland Begins With" the unofficial anthem of the KGB. Putin promised Russia would give them happy lives there and they would be taken good care of. This was the biggest spy swap since the cold war and has not affected our relations with Russia and both sides were happy to have it taken care of.
That was not the end of the sleeper agents. There are many more still out there. People used to try to hide the fact that they had spies however in the soviet union they brought it to the forefront. This made them seem much stronger and more intimidating. There are a lot of people that thought that the whole idea of sleeper agents was just a story. However with more and more information about it every year it is becoming more and more of a frightening reality. When people used to get called by the KGB in soviet Russia they were very afraid of what they did wrong. Even when they called you for a job offering you couldn't say no because they were afraid of what might happen to them. They had a very bad reputation with torture techniques. They are still around today just under a different name of FBS. They are still feared by everyone today and the name KGB alone brings fear into many Americans and Russians.

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