End Of Cold War Video By: Myron Pelc 4/28/11

This video shows the pictures of the Cold War and the end of it. It shows the peoples feelings of what went on and what has happened in there home town. As well it shows how war is never a good thing no matter what it is for.


End Of Cold War

The cold war started in 1947 and ended in August, 1991. The president of the S.U at the time was Joseph Stalin and his idea was to have two ways of living imperialist and capitalist. The U.S. and S.U had dumped billions and billions of dollars into this war. This spending had put the S.U in a bad economic situation. The war came to a stunning stop when the iron curtain was lifted. After Stalin had passed away, Nikita Khrushchev had became president of the S.U. When Nikita became president he believed it was impossible for imperialists and capitalist to live with one another, because the communist system had become to strong.
The U.S at this time had become allies during world war 2 and throughout the Cold War with the S.U. The relationship of the U.S and the S.U was complicated and was of ideological, political, and economic factors. The big differences in the political system made it hard for them to make choices they both could work with for one another on important issues, like the Cuban missile crisis, that almost brought them to war with each other. When the cold war had finally come to and end the relationship started to as well. Not enemy's but not way they were during the was the U.S and S.U drifted after Stalin had been replaced, also with the S.U in fear of West Germany being allowed to rearm and join the NATO. Eisenhower the president of the U.S at the time wanted to make a pact. The offer was that each could have free open air ways over each others territory in case anyone was to attack with a nuclear war missile. Eisenhower had went to the Geneva summit to present this to Nikita and had been rejected by him. Not to long after the U.S started testing the U-2, a plain that was thought to be undetectable and able to take photos from in the air.
The U-2 had been going over S.U territory that was not allowed, and taking photos and
finding things the S.U did not want the U.S to know about.
Eisenhower wanted these missions
to stop, because he feared it would ruin 2947_geneva_summit.jpg
the relationship of the two governments,
and put another meeting with the S.U in jeopardy.
In may on the 1st, there was one last flight. They would fly over S.U air space
and take pictures. This time they were seen by a S.U air craft and the U-2 was shot down. Nikita was outraged and wanted Eisenhower to apologize and to promise the flying would stop. Eisenhower did promise to have the missions stop, but would not say sorry. The president of the S.U was outraged again that Eisenhower would not apologize and canceled the summit and withdrew Eisenhower's invitation to visit the S.U. Because of this issue the 1960's made tension between the U.S and S.U greater than ever.


Eisenhower was the first president during the Cold War and was elected in 1953. A war hero, he served as army chief of staff, the president of Columbia University and as well head of NATO before seeking the presidential nomination. Eisenhower's basic commitment was to contain communism and keep the U.S a far distance from it. Eisenhower also came up with the Eisenhower Doctrine and it was passed January 5, 1957. The S.U gained more support in Egypt and there for was in a way a threat to the middle east. The Eisenhower Doctrine stated that if any attack was made in the middle east by a Communist country the middle east would be defended by the United States.

American & Soviet Union flag

The president at the end of the Cold War was Reagan. He had a lot to do with the collapse of the S.U. During this time the united states was way ahead of the S.U in technology and the S.U was under pressure from Reagan's defense buildup and deployment of medium-range missiles in Europe. Reagan was not afraid to get his hands dirty and stood up for the U.S. He had challenged Soviet regional power in several conflicts from Nicaragua to Angola and lent support to the Polish dissident movement. Less than a year after Reagan left office, the Berlin Wall fell, and the Cold War ended in 1991.

4.00 min. Of Ronald Reagan's Speech "Tear Down The Berlin Wall !"

The Berlin Wall

The Berlin wall was constructed on August 13, 1961 and was taken down November 9, 1989. The wall was built to separate West Berlin and East Germany. It was also the symbolic boundary between democracy and Communism during the Cold War.The wall was built at night and for 28 years kept the Germans from going west.The Berlin Wall stretched over a hundred miles and blocked Berlin off from the rest of East Germany.The wall was first constructed with wire and then after a few days was made more permanent with stone, the wall went through four different constructions within the 28 year period. Within the 28 year time it is estimated that about 5,000 people made it safely across.

End Of The Soviet Union=
The S.U collapsed on Christmas day 1991. Gorbachev president at the time announced that the S.U ceased to exist. The coup was a big deal in the break up of the S.U. Estonia and Latvia declared independence and others did the same. Gorbachev had asked for unity but all rejected, by middle December all 15 republics had went independent. Soon the CIS was formed ( commonwealth of Independent states) and this was the end of the Soviet Union.